Our Life on Wheels began here!


Our new life as Motorhomers

Hello, well, after reading so many other blogs and adventures we thought it was about time to catalogue our past and future travels in our motorhomes, Terry (Talbot Express Autoquest 270 – 1994) and Rio (CI Carioca 705 – 2009)

Two motorhomes, I hear you say!!  Well, it all started one Saturday morning in November 2013 when I was sent out to fetch coal, whilst everyone else slept.

On my way, still muttering under my breath how unfair it was, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a nice looking little motorhome and thought to myself, I’m going to have a look at that on my way back.

I did.  And guess what?  Later that day, with the good lady in tow (purse included), off we went.  Having listened to the usual sales patter such as good, solid, reliable, won’t give you any problems, I bought it.  And guess what?  Nearly three years on, the salesman was right.

Having secured a spot at a local storage facility, Terry was checked over, solar panel connected to the batteries and put to bed for the winter……sleep tight!


The winter seemed to last forever and at last, our first trip in Terry finally arrived.

A two night stay at Searles at Hunstanton, Norfolk with a 100 mile journey there, this was just enough ensure that all was well with the now, 20 year old engine.

All went rather well and at 32mpg we were overjoyed and starting to believe the salesman (I know I shouldn’t but it seems that we got one who actually told the truth)

Hunstanton was just how we remembered it, quiet and sleepy with not that much going on, especially out of season – just how we like it.

Fish n chips, donuts, slot machines on the pier, nice walk on the beach and a great sunset all made the perfect weekend for us all.

At this stage we were planning our next trip but this one would be a little further than a 200 mile round trip and we could not wait!




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