Brugge & Disneyland Paris Sept 2015

We fancied something a little different this time, maybe we were getting a little more adventurous and realising that there was a whole new world just waiting for us to visit.

We booked the overnight P&O Ferry from Hull to Zeebrugge with an outside cabin for the 4 of us arrived in plenty of time at the Port (approx 1.30pm) we joined the queue – actually we were 2nd in the queue just behind a Talbot Express camper van driven by a very nice guy who informed us of where to go and what to do – lucky for us as we had no idea!!!

We boarded and collected our cabin key. We had got a cabin on the right side of the ship so that we could see the east coast of England as we travelled through the night – not sure whether this is the port or the starboard but thats not important, I’m not driving the ship.

After an all you can eat evening meal in the restaurant or 3 evening meals and 4 puddings (each) we retired to our cabin, feeling rather full and hoping that we had a good crossing as rough seas and over indulging do not really go hand in hand.




Luckily the crossing was great, no sea sickness and ready for an all you can eat breakfast before arriving in Zeebrugge.



A short drive to Brugge and Camping Memling which was easy enough to find even though just outside the city and within a residential area.

Although we arrived early, we were able to check in and given our pitch which was a hard standing and grass pitch and rather large.

The site had a modern toilet & shower block which also housed a pot washing room.

These were kept clean and overall the site was very impressive and we were especially surprised by the quietness of the place.

By 12.30 we were walking into Brugge, a 30+ minute walk but this didn’t seem to bother us at all.

Fries & Mayonnaise from the fast food hut outside the tower which kept us going until we got back to the campsite later.

Day 2 – after breakfast, we walked to the local Carrefour supermarket which was close by, the local area was full of everything you could wish for, petrol stations, restaurants, supermarkets and leisure centre.

Another day in the city saw us take a canal boat ride which was actually the best way to experience the city and at 32 euros for all 4 of us, very reasonably priced and even after a few euro tip for the driver/guide at the end of the journey, you couldn’t really argue with the experience.

Having seen the attraction from the water, we decided to take a journey through the city in a horse drawn carriage and again at 45 euro’s not bad even with a 5 euro tip for the driver (and horse) we were really impressed and extremely took in by the place – we will be visiting again in the future, that’s for sure.

We couldn’t leave Brugge without visiting one of it’s many chocolate shops and oh my, there are plenty.

We opted for Chocoholic which lived up to the expectations, mmmmmmmm.

Having enjoyed every minute in Brugge, we headed for France for phase 2 of our holiday, Disneyland Paris.

We never get bored with DLP, its such a great place and in my opinion, very under rated as it will always be compared to it’s rivals in the USA which is a little unfair.

Rides, rides and more rides – that’s what we came for and that is exactly what we got – fantastic time.

We knew that we had to make the most of this visit as our next visit in December (by car and staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel) there would be some ride closures due to the refurbishment programme in readiness for the 25 year celebrations in 2017.

It to happen some time, Rain! but out came the rain coats and off we went again!

Disney Dreams was as magical as ever and well worth seeing again & again!

The return crossing to hull was equally as wet, but surprisingly not a bad crossing so we took advantage of the all you can eat buffet again and settled in for our final night away.

There is one thing in life that we all strive for and that is happiness and guess what?

We are very, very happy.


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