Disneyland Paris April 2014

After our rather quick initiation into the world of motor homing and a very successful first outing, we could not wait to get to our favourite holiday destination, Disneyland Paris.

Having been many, many times before, all driving and staying in Disney hotels, this time felt different and added that little extra excitement to the trip…..or maybe it was just bringing out my inner child like instincts but you can make up your own minds about that one.

Our first port of call, was Dover where we spent the night parked on Marine Parade (for free!) which was a little noisy but that didn’t seem to bother us after all, life was good and this was just all part of the life we could expect as motor homers.

The journey through France was faultless and we arrived at DLP still excited even after the very long drive, as anyone who has ever driven a Talbot would agree, you should never be in a hurry!

We found our parking spot in the Motorhome parking area which would become home for the next week.

There are water points, chemical toilet disposal & waste bins for motorhomers to use and there are no objections to using the showers and toilets which are provided for coach drivers. All in all, a very good deal as it cost nothing for us to stay all week as parking is included as part of our Annual Pass benefits for DLP.

I’m not sure how this happened but I appear to have got the title of motorhome chef and I must say that my motorhome breakfasts were well enjoyed by all, a tradition that I think will carry on for some time to come.

Having rode our favourite rides, seen our favourite characters, we settled in for a final night and watched the nightly firework display over the castle all from the comfort of our little house on wheels.

This was most certainly a trip to remember and one that would be repeated, sooner rather than later!

Just one thing to get sorted, how to keep the I pads/DS’s charged without any electric hookup and I have a cunning plan which may work, see if this works in my later posts.

Total miles driven this holiday = 910 at an average of 31.8mpg.


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