Dover Castle & Disneyland Paris June 2015

A day in dover castle, making the most of our English Heritage membership was on the cards and we can strongly recommend this for anyone who is interested in history as Dover castle offers something for everyone.

It was the reenactment of the Manga Carter which was interesting and amusing too and well worth watching – I may have learnt something too.

It’s always nice to look out over the channel and watch the ferries and wonder what it was like back in the 40’s with the threat of invasion –  just to think how that stretch of water has kept us safe for so many years.

A quiet night parked on Marine Parade with all the other motorhomes, nice spot and free!

Having booked another crossing with My Ferry Link, we arrived in Dover for our crossing but were advised that due to circumstances out of their control, there were no crossings – we later found out that this was due to the ongoing issue regarding the sale of the ships to DFDS.

Our booking had been transferred to to Euro Tunnel so a quick 20 minute trip back up the M20  and a 2 hour wait for our train but this didn’t affect our excitement.

35 minutes later, we were in France, effortless!

A steady 55mph and Terry was very happy, no problems and the boys seemed to enjoy the journey too.

We saw this and had to buy one  – don’t tell anyone that it’s a trivet and being stainless steel, it should be OK fitted to the front.

As you would expect, the weather was great, in fact we found it a little too hot at times, but that’s enough about the weather.

Theres nothing quite like spending quality time with my family, doing all the things that we enjoy and pleasing ourself when, what and where we go – oh, the life of a motor homer!

It’s always a relief to get on the moving walkways back to the car park especially after a few days of walking miles around the parks.

The ferry was operating for our return journey and we embarked on what was going to be our last journey with My Ferry Link which was a shame but we had an idea for our next journey which would include something new for us.

Total miles driven 890 miles at an average of 32.4mpg – excellent!


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