Introducing “Rio” our new addition!

It was a normal September Sunday morning, nothing much happening and we decided to take a trip out to a local motorhome/caravan dealership.

Little did we realise that we would be coming home the proud owners of a new motorhome.

It was a simple case of “get the salesman quick” otherwise someone else would have picked this up and I couldn’t blame them if they did.

Not letting anyone else get their hands on this find, we agreed a price, paid a deposit and waited for our pick up day.

We picked up Rio on the 10th October 2015 and what a difference between our two vans – although Terry was going nowhere and we had a plan which would keep him in use for the next 12 months or so.

We have given (or loaned) Terry to the In law’s to use until such a time that our eldest son is ready to drive and I’m sure that they will have their own motorhome adventures which we will hear all about.

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