Disneyland Paris June 2016

Having left Brugge, we set off for Disneyland. You could see the increased security when crossing the Belgian border with traffic down to a single lane through a security checkpoint.

Straight through, no problems and then off towards Lille.

“Keep Left at Lille then Left” is how we remember where to go and once on the A1 it all plain sailing until we get to Charles de Gaulle Airport when it gets a little tricky if you don’t watch what your doing.

Just a minor problem with our Sanef Toll Tag – it wasn’t recognised when passing through the Peage Toll booths and the barrier was operated remotely as we were causing a back log. We will have to wait and see if we get charged!

Upon arrival, we topped up with fuel (just incase, can’t be too careful after recent events) then filled up the water tank and then found our place for the next 5 days.

Then off to the Park!

With rides on Autopia, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom Manor, Pinnochio and Indiana Jones, this was a very successful 1st evening!

Day 2 began with my Motorhome Breakfast and fresh coffee – who needs Costa? followed by a visit to the Val D’Europe Shopping Mall which is always worth a visit.

After a very relaxing day we headed to the park in the evening (in between the rain showers) and what an evening – no waiting for rides and again and luckily didn’t get wet.

The Teacups, not really my cup of tea but the boys enjoy seeing me afterwards – I get a little green around the gills after all that spinning around………

We decided to give the over cab bed a go which proved to be very comfortable indeed and getting up & down the ladder was not that bad – best nights sleep in a motorhome we’ve had.

Day 3 already – Rides, rides & more rides!

A show in Cinemagique

An Inversion on Indiana jones.

Yo ho, Yo ho, a Pirates life for me! My Favourite…..

And a great view of the nightly Firework display & Disney Dreams

Nice weather for Ducks! One of the biggest thunderstorms I have ever witnessed. The small tree gave some slight cover from the rain until it began getting heavier and heavier with large hailstones that really hurt the head when they hit you…….

After sheltering in a band stand, we thought, what the hell, can’t get much wetter – We were so wrong!!!!!!!! Strangely this was not so bad and was actually fun, in a strange sort of way although it took ages for our clothes to dry.

Day 4 was spent drying clothes and relaxing before heading into the parks for the last time on this trip as we did not intend on going into the parks on a Saturday – done this before and it wasn’t fun at all – far too busy.

A little gift shopping in the Disney outlets and Planet Hollywood store made my wallet a little lighter but it was all worth it and I think my new T-Shirt says it all.

Saturday Day 5, the last full day before our journey back to the UK, and a visit to Val D’Europe on the train from DLP, to get last minute supplies for the way home. We particularly liked the Fougasse (a kind of flat bread) we strongly recommend the Parisian style which was very nice indeed, there was a 3 cheese version but beware, the cheese was strong n smelly.

We decided to give it a go and went to the parks on Saturday afternoon, we were pleasantly surprised to get on all the rides so easily and very little queueing, in fact, we did more rides than on any other day we were there.

Day 6, Sunday did not start off so well, a slight mishap with the electric window on the passenger side – it was stuck down and smoke coming from my switch panel – Oh No!

I thought that my co pilot would be wearing hat, gloves and scarf for our journey home but after a simple fix – disconnecting my switch, the window went back up and problem solved, for now anyway…

A drive back to Calais and back to uk on the Tunnel before the final leg of our trip – 2 nights in Canterbury.

With another 784 miles under our belt at an average of 29.95MPG, I think that we did pretty well – it must be the way I drive!



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