Our Grand Tour Plans

There are 3 big tours that we want to do in the coming years and hopefully we will get the time to do all of them.

  1. Denmark, Sweden (can’t wait to travel over the Oresund Bridge) Norway and Finland, we love dark nights and snow so this will be a winter trip, bbrrrrrrrrrr.
  2. France, Switzerland and Italy
  3. Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Austria

No doubt we will be taking in all the major theme parks along the way such as :

Plopsaland Belgium/Walabi Belgium/Walabi Netherlands, Efteling, Movie Park Germany, Heidi Park, Phantasialand, Liesberg, Tivoli Gardens, Bakken, Europa Park, Gardaland, Park Asterix and of course Disneyland Paris.

Not sure what order these may be in but if anyone has any recommendations or advice, please let us know.


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