Phase 3 Disneyland Paris

This will be the 10th year of visiting Disneyland Paris and our 22nd visit with our last 8 visits being in our motorhomes – I can’t believe the time has gone so fast and our boys now 17 & 15 but the good thing is that they still have the Disney thing going or maybe they are just humouring us!

After a good, steady journey without any delays, we were here and boy were we ready for our Disney Fix!

We brought a couple of new toys with us on this trip – a couple of solar panels with usb so that the “screenagers” are kept entertained when we were not in the parks as they do not seem to appreciate the world without tech but I suppose thats the world we live in now. The kit reviews will be posted shortly, nothing too elaborate or expensive but just some cheap, little additions which have enhanced our life in a motorhome.

Well you can’t come to Disneyland without going on any rides and we spent our time between the 2 parks (Disneyland Park & Studios Park) and despite my favourite, Big Thunder Mountain still being closed due to a major refurbishment, there was still plenty to satisfy my inner child.

Space Mountain:

Phantom Manor:

Indiana jones:

Autopia & It’s a Small World:

Plus lots, lots more!!!!!

The highlight of this trip was the balloon ride during Disney Dreams – a big thank you to the operator for keeping us up in the air for so long.


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