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Brugges Christmas Market – Dec 2016

After having such a great time in September, we couldn’t wait to get back on the road and our Winter vacation began with our favourite crossing from Hull to Zeebrugge.

But wait! Oh No! Rio the motorhome would not start – flat battery, how on earth could this be, everything was OK last weekend but after a quick trip home to get the jump leads and connecting to our V6 Landrover, Rio sprang back into life – phew!

Despite this delay and chasing around the local towns for a bloody game that the boy’s wanted, we finally headed off along the M1 towards Hull.

We still arrived in plenty of time and was surprised that we were 1st in the queue.


Safely loaded on board the Pride of York, we headed for our cabin.

It was well worth the little extra for a Club cabin, more room for the 4 of us, bigger bathroom and free drinks in the fridge…..


Outbound we got a 4 bunk cabin which was OK but we do prefer the Double bed option when it’s available, luckily we have this for the return journey on the Pride of Brugge.

There wasn’t much to see by the time we set sail so we headed for dinner in the Kitchen restaurant  and as our youngest son reminds us – it’s all you can eat! and theres always plenty of choice.

A walk around the outside deck after dinner definitely blew away the cobwebs before the boys headed back to the cabin as they were now getting withdrawal symptoms after being away from their I pads for so long……


I away’s take a look where the safety equipment is………

After a very smooth crossing we took a stroll outside before we docked in Zeebrugge. What a beautiful morning to be alive and not at work!


A short drive and we were at Camping Memling, our home for the next 4 days.


Having had a minor mishap with the cab door, the silver screen, my right thumb, and a little dance of pain, we were set up and ready to se the sights of the beautiful city and sample the delights of the Christmas market.


The ice rink looked so cool and we couldn’t wait for the sun to go in and all the festive lighting effects to be switched on .

In the words of Ralph Fiennes, Magical, is the only way to describe what we thought.



Mmmmmm, Bradwurst followed by a hot chocolate – just what you need to keep you going on a cold December evening.