Long Weekend to DLP – June 2017

An early start on Friday morning after a few hours parked on Marine Parade, Dover, our long weekend at Disneyland Paris started – it’s a long way for a weekend but worth it……..

The drive down to Dover always seems better when your heading away from home, it must be the excitement of the journey and what awaits us at the other end and at £70 return, it was really good value.

An early crossing, actually, very early, means only one thing BREAKFAST! to keep us awake and at 3am, it wasn’t too bad at all but not something i would do that often especially with P&O meal prices.

A good crossing and efficient unloading saw us on our way to Disneyland Paris, again.

Everyone was happy & looking forward to arriving at DLP mid morning but the eyes started closing and we had no choice but to pull over into a rather nice, new, rest area for a couple of hours.

This is the first time we have ever done this and whilst not ideal, it was better to be safe than sorry.

What a difference it made, 2 hours sleep and the journey recommenced with an arrival still on the cards before lunchtime .

Before we knew it, we were negotiating, what we think is the worst part of the journey, the A104 around Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport but all this was forgotten when we saw the signs for Marne le Vallee & those gigantic Mickey Mouse roadsigns – I’ll never grow up!

We arrived safely and it was as though we had never been away.

Our usual parking space, right at the back of the motorhome parking area, nice & quiet and away from those who, despite the instructions issued (in all languages) still insist on using a petrol generator or playing a game of ” how many motorhomes can we hit with a football”

Some would call it unsociable, I would just call it sensible especially when travelling with an autistic child (not so child like at nearly 16 years old) and a simple method in preventing a “meltdown”

There’s no need to tell you what happened next as you can guess, rides, rides and even more rides was the order of the weekend and with the adrenaline gushing through our bodies, we all forgot about the tiredness and had a fantastic time as you can see below.

Hyperspace Mountain @ DLPAll good things have to come to an end and we departed, with a mixture of happiness & sadness but I unfortunately, had to be back at work on Tuesday.

We encountered a terrible drive back, long, stressful and tiring but would we do it again – yes, of course we would and we will add our future adventures soon.

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