2019 “The Big One” POSTPONED UNTIL 2020 (possibly 2021)

We have decided to delay our big trip until 2020 so we can celebrate our 50th Birthday’s and our eldest son’s 21st birthday all in one fantastic journey.

We have decided on the ferry from Germany direct to Helsinki where we stop over for a few nights before embarking on the journey of a lifetime around Scandinavia – just need to get a month off of work now……….

We are getting a little out of our comfort zone and preparing well in advance for our most adventurous trip yet – The Arctic circle…..

Travelling with our autistic 17 year old son, we have begun our preparations now, showing him where we are going, using Youtube as a means of satisfying his curiosity and anxiety about what awaits us and him during this trip and he seems to be quite accepting of the idea at present but it’s early days yet.

The Ferry from Hull to Rotterdam, drive through the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway (Nordkapp), Finland and that’s where we come to a dilemma. Do we use the Finnlines ferry from Helsinki to Germany or do we use a ferry to Sweden,then back the way we travelled outwards – decisions, decisions!

Screen Shot 2018-08-25 at 11.18.00This will be 4000+ mile journey over 3 weeks and we are really looking forward to challenges that a trip of this magnitude brings.

We will post an update nearer the time.

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