DLP & Brugge Christmas Market December 2017

We never thought that we would get this far but there was a break in the weather and the roads had cleared, so off we went to Hull and hopefully we would see a little more snow whilst in Brugge, just to make it feel a little more like Christmas!

And we were not disappointed…….


Although there wasn’t much snow, it was enough to make it feel like magical, despite how cold it was.

Talking of magical, the Christmas Market was in full swing by the time we arrived and we just couldn’t help ourselves and had to have  the usual hot chocolate and bradwurst which always goes down well despite our youngest wearing most of his across his face.


This year we decided to use the Ice rink, afterall how difficult could it be?

I am glad that i cannot find the photo’s of this experience as this just shows how much I underestimated my ability in front of hundreds of people – how embarrassing not to mention it makes your legs hurt!



We will be back next year and I am determined to navigate the circuit without the aid of small childs sliding chair – who am I kidding but at least it will be fun.

The snow cleared quite quickly and we had planned to go to DLP until we needed to return to the UK on Christmas Eve so off we went……

I’m not sure what it is about the drive from Brugge to Paris but this does not seem as tedious as the route from Calais which surprises me as you actually travel on the same roads for the majority of the journey.

It is no real surprise that we took up our usual parking spot in the “unsociable” section of the parking area (right at the back & far away from anoyone else) which is just how we like it & means that in the event of an autistic meltdown, we are well away from  anyone else.

With a mist hanging over the parks, this added to the winter/festive feeling

What a magical time of year and this only gets better as it gets darker……..

Walt Disney Studio’s have seriously upped their game with a new show for the festive season and it was well worth the wait.


One final thing before setting off home was a meal at our favourite restaurant, the Silver Spur Steakhouse and disney would not be the same without it (or maybe thats my stomach speaking) with a big thank you to our waiter who took this photo for us.

Once again, things must come to an end, and that was the end of this trip but we look forward, as always, to coming back soon – my attempt at an unhappy face!



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