Davy Crockett Ranch Feb 2018 – Snowmageddon – “Il Neige”

This isn’t a motorhome blog but wanted to share with you our wonderful trip, in the snow, to DLP’s Davy Crockett Ranch.

There is only one way to describe it – WOW!

As there are no toilet disposal facilities from November to April, and the local “Font bleu” at the Esso petrol station always appears to be out of order, we decided to book our stay at Davy Crockett Ranch which is a short drive from the gates of DLP and our first visit for sometime.

For anyone who has not been, the accommodation is basically a mobile home with a “log cabin” feel. Comfortable, warm and well equipped, you can’t really go wrong and self catering adds to the benefit, for us anyway.

It’s always a risk to go on holiday during the winter and we knew that there was a risk of snow but it was the sheer volume of snow which surprised, not only us, both the whole of the Paris region.

What a winter wonderland!

The parks were transformed and it made this visit a little extra special and we loved it.


We decided not to travel home whilst the snow was at it’s worst and booked in for one more night and at 100 euros, well worth the money to ensure we were safe on the roads as the snow stopped overnight and the roads began to clear.

We couldn’t believe the difference when we arrived back in Calais for the ferry home, no snow and bright blue skies, making for a nice journey home.

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