Disneyland Paris and Dover Stopover June 2018

We intend on getting our moneys worth from this years Disneyland Annual Passes as next year brings so much uncertainty and we are yet to see what impact the ridiculous “Brexit” vote has on our ability to freely roam around Europe.

Travelling to/from Dover on this trip, we set sail and a grey & blustery day but what the hell, we were on holiday and the chilly breeze woke us up nicely…….

Disneyland Paris is the main attraction for us, even with 2 teenage sons in tow, we all have a great time and what’s not to like about Disney?

Our usual parking place, far, far away from anyone was perfect and anyone with an autistic child can probably understand our reasons for doing so and we get a really good nights sleep too. The only thing to remember is that at busy times, this area can be used as an overflow car park so be prepared to move a little further down the car park to avoid getting surrounded.

Some more great & special memories being created which will last us a lifetime – priceless.

It wasn’t quite the end of our holiday yet and we took to the roads once more & headed back to the UK & Dover.

It may not everyones ideal destination but for us, Dover is a place were we feel at home, we are not sure why but it’s just got that certain charm about it and steeped with history

Wherever you look, you get an overwhelming sense of what it must have been like during WW2 and I would recommend the tours of the Dover Castle tunnels which are run by English Heritage with the aid of some very knowledgable volunteers – check out their website for yourself:


Parking in Dover can sometimes, be very busy but if you don’t mind paying for an hour or so, you can get a good spot on Marine Parade before the rush for a free park after 5pm.

We knew that was it for the summer, unless we got away for a weekend somewhere closer to home but if not, October was not that far away and the ferry from Hull to Zebruggee was already booked – what a nice feeling it was too.




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