Disneyland Paris May 2019

Another visit to the greatest place on earth…..

It seems so long ago now, but you never forget the Disneyland experience, no matter how many times you been before & we always get that “magical” feeling upon arrival.


Mainstreet USA without the crowds, for now, anyway!

Don’t be fooled by the blue skies, there was still a nip in the air and the view from the Castle is always one to take in before it gets too busy.


It wasn’t all blue skies, and as anyone knows, when it rains at Disneyland, it rains but what a sight it is.

Our boy’s are grown up, but we will never grow up & Disneyland will be always be on our list of places to visit (regularly)

Another successful visit, no meltdowns, no hassle, just pure fun from beginning to end(ish) check out my next post to find out why!



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