Monthly Archives: May 2020

A look back at fond memories & looking forward to making new ones….

The recent & ongoing, global pandemic has made everyone think about what is important to them, made them rethink the future & made them reminisce of days gone by…..

Our lockdown, like many others across the world, has been difficult and one which we have struggled with the mental health of our 18 year old, autistic son hence the need to look back at past adventures to satisfy both his & our need for some distraction from reality and look forward to taking to the roads in the future once it is safe & legal to do so.

Our many visits to Disneyland, Paris, Bruges & various UK destinations, have given us many fond and cherished memories and one of the main reasons for starting this blog when we started motorhoming, providing a simple record of our adventures with our 2 son’s, the places, the sights & sounds, the thrills and we are so glad that we have this to look back on.

We will be resurrecting our youtube channel and adding some new journey footage (obviously pre lockdown) reviews and projects with the occasional blooper I’m sure.