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Gas It Refillable Gas Bottle Kit

This is a subject that I had been exploring for some time and finally I decided to go with a Gas-it system instead of our Calor Propane bottles which only keep rising in price.

Some would say that this is an expense that is unnecessary but when travelling in Europe, as anyone knows, Calor gas is not available so therefore it’s either go without gas or purchase a bottle/regulator/hose for the country that you are in and this can prove difficult & expensive in itself.

I ordered my kit direct through the Gas-It website – which was easy enough and whilst there was a supply issue, my kit arrived in time for our holiday and I was really surprised how easy it was to fit and it only took around 15-20 minutes from start to finish.


I now carry my 11kg Gas-It bottle which i still have not refilled since my initial fill up but I’m sure we will be getting ready soon & a 6kg Calor Gas bottle as a back up, just incase.

The easy fill system is just that, easy, and we filled up at a Shell Service Station on the M1 for around £22 (and this was motorway prices)

Overall, we are very happy with this set up and may consider another refillable bottle to add on at some point but for the time being, this is perfect for our needs.

For information – this was my order for my set up.

Product Price Each Quantity Price
100ml Leak Detection Fine Spray Bottle With Spray Nozzle Lock (GI-0093) £2.49 1 £2.49
PREORDER – 11kg Gas Bottle & EASYFIT© Fill System (GI-0020) £159.01 1 £159.01
GAS IT European Fillpoint Adapter Guide (GI-EURO-GUIDE) £0.50 1 £0.50
Gas Bottle Outlet Converter to UK POL ( propane) (GI-ACCS-024) £5.17 1 £5.17
Subtotal £186.03
GAS IT Shipping Services (Courier next working day) £9.75
20% VAT £39.06
Grand Total £234.84