Travelling with Autism

Anyone who has a child with any form of autism will understand the need of routine and this has become very important to us over the years and has proved very effective in our son’s development.

Having realised that holidays and trips on planes, trains and buses is really out of the question, as anxiety & frustration often occur when faced with a new environment or situation, we decided that our travels will be built around the specific needs of our son whilst still allowing for our eldest son (& ourselves) to enjoy the family holidays and activities.

Having a motorhome has really helped us achieve this and this has now become part of our normal routine with many an adventure had as a family.

Familiarity has been key to this success and our home from home really keeps the anxiety & frustration at bay which is not only beneficial to him but helps us relax and enjoy our time together even more.

From our blog, you will see that we are creatures of habit and this shows in how we now live our lives, with a strict routine, places we visit and also the time of year. By doing so we live a happy and fulfilling life with the knowledge that our son is having the time of his life and so are we!