Phase 1 – Summer Vacation September 2016 Leaving the UK on P&O ferries

Well it’s been nearly three months since our last outing and it seemed like three years – at last the time came for us to depart for our next outing, three days in Brugges followed by our highly predictable visit to Disneyland Paris for 5 days.

With all the hassle at Calais, we have now decided that the Ferry from Dover is not an option that we would like to use at the minute and whilst this may appear an over reaction to some, travelling with an Autistic teenager can sometimes be challenging to say the least and we need to keep our trips as straight forward as possible.

I think that we could enter into a whole new blog on travelling with Autism – now there’s an idea, watch this space……..

With Dover out of the question this time, we once again decided that Hull to Zebrugge was the only way to get to Europe with minimal driving in the UK and an upgraded cabin to Club should enhance the whole experience, although this does come at a cost but surprisingly this was only about £120 more in total than the standard cabin option.

A leisurely drive to Hull (approx 70 miles) and we were there…….

After check in we went through the security check with an added extra of a body search for the wife……there’s nothing like feeling violated on the first day of your holiday but at least the rubber gloves did not come out!

Once onboard we got our cabin key and explored our little piece of the Pride of Brugges for the next 12 hours or so.

A fridge stocked with soft drinks, box of chocolates, cookies, tea & coffee, nice bathroom with toiletries, bath robes and a tv – just a little bit better than a standard cabin.

For us the extra space and the little added extras were all worth the extra – we’ll be booking these next time (December when we visit the Christmas Market)

After a very, very filling dinner in the kitchen restaurant, which I can highly recommend, we headed outside for a breath of sea air and watch as we leave the UK behind.

As we settle in for the night, we can’t wait for the morning and our arrival in Zebrugge and Brugges and watch out for further updates of our Summer(ish) Vacation.





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